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I am trying to name a library on a group of forms. The specification names the group 諸元管理画面.

I tried to search and the dictionary says it means "various factors or elements".

But on other examples is says 諸元表 means specification sheet.

Any ideas what 諸元 means?

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Naming a library for something related to computer programming?

According to Weblio辞書, yes, 諸元 can be used for "spec" (as in a language specification, etc.)

In other cases, 諸元 can be used about data for a particular item (the various parts or factors that make up an item, for example.)

As you know, words can have various meanings depending on the context; and it doesn't hurt to check. :)

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Actually my manager keeps on saying it means master but I doubt that is what he meant. – Nap Mar 2 '12 at 5:04
@Nap maybe a "master" as in a "master spec"... or something? – summea Mar 2 '12 at 5:15

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