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I would like to say "It is written half in English and half in Japanese."

When writing this myself I came up with:


but I think that


does not sound very natural?

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I don't understand what you tried to say by 書けています. Shouldn't 'It is written~~' be '書いてあります' or '書かれています', not '書いていました'? – user1016 Feb 12 '12 at 8:02
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I think that


is fine. I think you could also say:


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Using 半分 like that is completely fine. You can use other fractions as well (but in that case, you cannot use it adverbially and have to insert the particle or after it like 三分の二を). But if you do not particularly need to emphasize the act of writing, simply 書きました is more natural than 書いていました.

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