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Don't tell me what to do! Who the fuck does this idiot think he is?

Besides meaning bald, or a bald/balding person, when cursing, does ハゲ also just become a generic curse word such as "douchebag" or "asshole"? In this sense, does it stay mostly male-restricted? What would be the nuances of this usage of ハゲ (ie perhaps still implying an older man?)

My 21 year old friend said this: 日本ではたとえ禿げてなくても「ハゲ」と罵ることが多々あります。

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I think ハゲ is often similar to the English words baldy/baldie:

Don't order me around! Who the hell does this baldie think he is?

In the absence of other sources, I'll refer to this Kotonoha page for whether it can be used for non-bald people:

You don't say it to people who are bald. They aren't bald so you can say it!


The response is "I'm not bald!"

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It is a bad word, but is still only used in its literal sense. It is not used against a person who is not actually bald. It is different from words like asshole, which is used against a person who is neither an ass or an asshole. The word has no gender or age restriction, but is perhaps used more against male and/or the aged because of the reality.

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yes, it can be used against non bald people. – oldergod Feb 11 '12 at 23:31
At least in fiction, I have encountered one case of a character using ハゲ against non-bald people -- 猿柿{さるがき}ひよ里{り} from Bleach (it's her 口癖). No other characters question this speech quirk other than ツッコミ responses (ハゲてへんわ!). If there's nothing more to the word, then I guess I have to blame the writing quality -- surely, calling random people "baldy" would normally elicit a response of "What are you talking about??" rather than a ツッコミ. But if the OP's character is in fact not bald (and the speaker isn't Hiyori), then two instances of this pattern seem to point to something else going on. – Hyperworm Feb 11 '12 at 23:46
So it means something like "geezer"? How about エロハゲ. Is that just エロ + ハゲ? Sleazy creep? Perv? Or something like that? I am looking for definitions of エロハゲ. – Kaz May 27 '12 at 18:29

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