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I came across this phrase in a news article about a budget reduction:


I was wondering what this use of means. I did a Google search of 円台 and the amount of yen doesn't seem to have an effect on when this is used. It seams to me to be used like a counter, but a price isn't really a machine...or is it (/cue dramatic music)?

My best guess is that it's means something like "an allotted amount", i.e. "You have X amount to spend, like it or not."

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「[台]{だい}」= the mark, level.

e.g.「[今年度]{こんねんど}の[利益]{りえき}は2[億円台]{おくえんだい}に[達]{たっ}した」= This year's profit reached the two hundred million yen mark.

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