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Do you know the English expression, "you make a"?

It's pretty simple:

You make a fine wife.

It might be more correct as

You'd make for a...

but they're tenses are different then. I could be using it incorrectly, but that's okay.

I saw my friend in a red cloak-like jacket and wanted to say, "you make a cute Red Riding Hood" or "you'd make a cute Red Riding Hood", but got hung up after かわいい赤ずきんに. I was thinking なられる。 But it didn't feel like what I wanted to say.

Is there a similar expression to what I was thinking?

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You make a fine wife.
You'd make a cute Red Riding Hood.

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Hmm..okay, maybe I should be more confident =) – Louis Jan 13 '12 at 6:12

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