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Does Japanese have a commonly used term for submarine sandwich/roll?

Australian English doesn't have a term AFAIK (the only places that sell such things in Australia are the Subway franchise), and I was wondering if the same was true for Japanese.

I couldn't spot it in jisho.org and the English edition of Wikipedia's article on submarine sandwiches didn't have a Japanese inter-language link. I came across "サブマリーンサンドイッチ" on Weblio but I don't know how authentic it is.

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I think サブマリン is the usual transcription of submarine, not サブマリーン. Corpus results suggest the former is more than 100x more common. – snailplane Feb 14 at 0:54
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If you shouted 「サブマリンサンドイッチ」 in my neighborhood, no one except me and perhaps another person would know what you were saying. That word would not be in the vocabulary of over 5% of our population. (The 「サンドイッチ」 part, I asure you, would be understood by virtually 100% of us.)

If you want to talk about a submarine sandwich, you would probably have to describe it like:




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