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What do the kanji in the Fox Engine logo mean?

Fox Engine logo

Is it a single kanji meaning "fox", or is the logo made by two (or more) kanji? What is their meaning?

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This looks like it isn't really related to foxes, but is オタ魂 written as one character. (I would read it オタ[魂]{こん}.)

  • オタ is the abbreviation of オタク otaku
  • 魂 meaning "soul" or "spirit"

So, loosely something like ... "gamer's soul"?

Edit. As @choco points out in the comments, オタコン refers to Otacon of the Metal Gear series.

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「オタコン」ってこの人→ blogs.c.yimg.jp/res/blog-71-f5/komotoyansikomotoyansi/folder/… – chocolate Feb 11 at 16:44
@choco へえ、chocoさんっていろいろ知ってんだな – Earthliŋ Feb 11 at 16:46
MGSやりました^^ (へたくそだけど) – chocolate Feb 11 at 16:49

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