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I guess the title says it all. Which conjugation is this:

生きる -> 生きていこう


Thank you very much.

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生きていこう = 生き(the 連用形/continuative form of the verb 生きる) + て(a 接続助詞/conjunctive particle) + いこ(the 未然形/imperfective form of the subsidiary verb いく) + う(a verbal auxiliary which means "will").

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Or, you could also analyze it this way: 生きていこう is the volitional form of 生きていく, "keep on living", which consists of 生きて(the te-form of 生きる) + subsidiary verb いく(行く) – chocolate Jan 23 at 8:47

生きる + いく so(生きる -> 生きて)+ (いく -> いこう)

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?.............. – chocolate Jan 23 at 6:58

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