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Hi all I was wondering for verbs with irregular polite/honorific forms, is the regular form still used/grammatical ?

For example, the humble form of 借りる is 拝借する. But would お借りする be acceptable ?

Similarly, the honorific form of 食べる is 召し上がる. But would お食べになる be acceptable ?

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“Are they used?” and “Are they acceptable?” are different questions. The regular forms such as お借りします and お食べになります are used, but they are less formal than the irregular forms such as 拝借します and 召し上がります. Whether the less formal expressions are acceptable or not depends on how formally you want to speak.

By the way, you are confusing grammatical terms “respectful form,” “humble form,” “polite form,” and “honorific form.” 拝借します is the polite form of the humble form of 借りる, where the humble form of 借りる is 拝借する. 召し上がります is the polite form of the respectful form of 食べる, where the respectful form of 食べる is 召し上がる. Whether an expression is in polite form or not is orthogonal to whether it is in respectful or humble form. Honorifics are the broader concept which includes all of respectful form, humble form, and polite form. For details, see Wikipedia.

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Hey thanks for the help =D I've edited the mistakes in the question –  Pacerier Sep 6 '11 at 16:40
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