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In conversations done among heavily otaku people, I often hear the words 2-jigen or 3-jigen used. I know its meaning: two-dimension and three dimension, except that it does not always seem to make sense. For example, in a conversation I found recently between two otaku people in Tokyo and Kyoto,

 watashi wa 4-jigen kara kimashita. dakara 3-jigen de samishiku arimasen.

the first sentence, I can understand literally. But in the second sentence, what does it mean? The literal translation "(not) lonely in/at 3-dimension" does not make sense to me. How can I interpret that? I only hear this use among otaku people, not ordinary people. Is this a jargon among heavily otaku people? I just can't grasp the meaning!

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Try substituting "2D world" or "3D world". –  Zhen Lin Aug 26 '14 at 7:38

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Basically it's a joke. Since most otakus supposedly feel more comfortable in 2D world (anime/manga) than 3D world (reality), this guy makes a play on it and says he feels fine in 3D because he comes from a 4D world.

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