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Google returns "Hikari no tabemono" is it ok? I need the meaning: "food made of/with light", to name a line of products which are made with natural and purified ingredients, like within an "spiritual idea". spirit=light=pure=natural. Thanks!

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Could you clarify as to what you mean by "made of/with light"? No food is made of light; i.e.: photons do not form baryonic matter. Plant food is made through photosynthesis, whereas animal food is not. So to offer a translation, details are needed. – Ben Jul 22 '14 at 23:30

As long as you don't clarify there are many possibilities... Especially if you are talking about a new product.

Google's "hikari no tabemono" is a literal translation and would be fine in my opinion. You could maybe do somethign fancy like "光製食品" "kouseishokuhin", or a more explicit translation like "Hikari de dekiteiru tabemono"?

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