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The complete phrase is: 「日本中で、ばえていくけん!」.

With the けん at the end, I thought it might have been something from a Kyushu dialect, but the person who said this is from Tottori.

The only part I'm really having trouble with is the verb 「ばえていく」. I tried looking up ばえる and ばう as potential verb roots, but they don't seem to exist. Has anyone every heard of this?

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辞書にありました--> 鳥取弁「ばえる」 –  Choko May 20 at 4:05
@Chocolate I challenge you to make an answer out of that before I steal it and do it myself ;) –  ssb May 20 at 4:22
@ssb いあいあいあそんな~おまかせします~ –  Choko May 20 at 4:30
@Chocolate Clearly, I need a new dictionary (^^ ありがとうございました。本当に助かりました! –  sayajay May 20 at 7:27
けん is also used in certain parts of 四国 and 中国 although I'm not sure exactly where. I'm not surprised if it's used Tottori. I would be great to have an isogloss map, but I haven't been able to find any. –  dainichi May 20 at 9:28

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