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In an anime, 龍ヶ嬢七々々 is pronounced as りゅうがじょう ななな. I'm wondering why 七々々 is prounounced as ななな, since 七 is なな, and there are two repeat signs.

Is this some sort of special case where 七 is prounounced as just な and hence with the two repeat signs becomes ななな? Or am I missing something?


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Many kanji dictionaries list name readings separate from 音 and 訓 readings. When I look up 七 in 新漢語林, I see the following readings listed under names:



So yes, I think in this case each one is read な, although most of the time outside of names it is not read as simply な, and it may not always be read that way inside a name, either.

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