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This Asahi Shinbun article has an unmatched right parenthesis in its title:
岩手)震災の教訓を考える 「人間復興大学」10日開学

Surely, Japanese syntactic rules disallow unmatched parenthesis, right?
Asahi Shinbun just made a mistake (in a title no less), correct?

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It's not a mistake, it's just a stylistic choice. They do it all the time:

長野)松本山雅がホーム初勝利 岐阜に1―0
愛媛)愛媛FC、松本山雅に競り負け 4戦白星なし
岐阜)船来山古墳群、国史跡へ調査本腰 近畿外で最大級
長野)SKF、バレエ二山さんと共演へ 9月
青森)原発の電源喪失防げ 東北電が送電線工事公開
茨城)原電がウェブで資料公開 東海第二の安全審査巡り
長野)上高地で開山祭 観光シーズン本番に

I only spent about 30 seconds looking through headlines to find these examples—I'm not picking out anything rare. You've probably noticed that each one "tags" the article with the name of a prefecture:


Your example "tags" the article as being relevant to 岩手県.

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