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The litteral translation for "資料共" seems to be "total" (Google Translate) or "Documents" (Rikaichan).

How would you parse it and interpret it in the context of web conferencing? It's supposed to be the equivalent of "web conference".

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Are you absolutely sure that you've got the word correct and that there are no mistakes? –  ssb May 1 at 14:20
Yes, it's a copy paste from the specification. As Gary said, usually we would use「ネット会議」. –  Aki May 2 at 10:34
質問の仕方がヘタすぎ。これで答えられたらおかしいよ。 –  非回答者 May 3 at 0:55
Sorry if it's not concrete enough. I, myself, don't have much more information. The answer I got was enough, I just needed to be sure. –  Aki May 5 at 15:10

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Would be helpful to see further context, but in this case I would interpret it as "Documentation". I would use the word 「ネット会議」to describe a web conference.

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This is exactly what was formerly on the button. This button opens a browser and lets you connect to a web conference. The Japanese contractor asked to change this to 資料共. The purpose didn't change though. Is this weird? –  Aki Apr 30 at 14:42
Maybe your contractor is mixing up the words 'conference' and 'reference'? It's the only thing I can think of. –  Gary Apr 30 at 21:47
Alright, thanks for clarifying. –  Aki May 2 at 10:33

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