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What is それ in 「俺もそれを強制しないようにしている。」? I think that the author says something like this - "...and I'm trying to not force her to do it(しっかりとした料理) too." Also is it correct to think that 「めんどくさい」 is saying the sister of author, who doesn't want to cook?


Some sort of translation of the whole sentence:

"It couldn't be helped that she's saying "it's a bother" and as a result our meal is simplified, and I'm trying to not force her to do it(しっかりとした料理) too."

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In the effort of making it sound more natural in written English, I would translate it as

I guess saying "it's too much trouble" and thus we have a simplified meal can't really be helped, and I'm trying to avoid forcing her to do it anyway.

I believe you are right, that それ in this sentence indeed refers to 料理を作ること.

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