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二重敬語 is presumably considered bad style (or simply incorrect).

I hear/read 拝見いたしました all the time. Is it an example of 二重敬語?

I understood 二重敬語 to be a little more complex than "used a polite form more than once in a phrase".

To be a bit more precise, I think that to express a verb in 敬語, one should make the verb polite, but only once, so that


is 敬語, but


is 二重敬語.

拝見いたす might be fine, because 拝見 is a (敬語) noun and いたす is a (敬語) verb; or it might be a problem, because 拝見する is a (敬語) form of 見る.

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I imagine it falls into the "慣例として定着している二重敬語の例" section of levelup99.net/businessmanner/cate3post21.html – Darius Jahandarie Feb 28 '14 at 21:24
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To answer the title question as a simple yes-no question, the only logical answer would be "Yes, it is." The phrase clearly uses a [敬語]{けいご} twice,「[拝見]{はいけん}」 and 「いたす」, which satisfies the definition of [二重敬語]{にじゅうけいご}.

Is the phrase 「拝見いたしました」 "incorrect" then? According to me, no, it is not. Why not? Because it is in such wide use and it just sounds normal and natural if you have a native ear. It carries none of the "wordiness" (and if I may, "funniness") of some of the other examples of 二重敬語 such as 「お[分]{わ}かりになられる」 and 「お[召]{め}し[上]{あ}がりになられる」.

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I wonder, is this feeling only for 拝見, or is any humble 漢語動詞+「いたす」 acceptable? (E.g., 頂戴いたす、拝借いたす、etc.) – Darius Jahandarie Mar 1 '14 at 0:47

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