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So I'm in the beginning stages of "Remembering The Kanji Vol. 1 (Frame 74)" and it just occurred to me; How do I learn vocabulary? Do I learn it in compounds like " 好" ? Or learn the single kanji that make up that word '子 and 女' than find the On and Kun'Yomi and match them up to create "好" ? Well ..what I'm basically trying to say is "How would I go about learning vocabulary with the Kanji that I have?"

Sorry if this question has already been asked or if its not clear enough..I'm just super confused as to how I would learn vocabulary...

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You can't get to vocabulary from RTK. It just teaches you how to remember characters. You'll have to learn the Japanese language separately. –  snailboat Feb 19 at 1:44
I feel like the answer is in the question.. how do you go about learning vocabulary with the kanji you have? You go and learn vocabulary with the kanji you have! Just find words and learn them. RTK is to help you remember the kanji themselves, not the words. –  ssb Feb 19 at 2:15
Do you mean 女子? 好 is not commonly used as a word by itself. –  dainichi Feb 19 at 8:55
After finishind RTK 1 and 2 I completed this deck in Anki (first 6000 words), an extremely productive piece. –  Nikkou Feb 19 at 12:47
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about learning methodology. –  ssb Feb 20 at 5:13

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