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In the finale of a drama called お天気お姉さん, around 8:26 in, I saw this subtitle:


But the pronunciation of 一ヶ月前 sounded either like いっかつまえ or いっかすまえ to me, with no sign whatsoever of げ. The two speakers in the dialogue are male and both have pronounced that word the same way. One final detail I can add is that I've noticed quite a bit of 関西弁 spoken in this. Is this slang? A regional dialect? I can't find any info about this kind of contraction.

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Hope this video helps improve your pronunciation and listening comprehension. If nothing else, it surely would make you aware of the two different G sounds used in Japanese (that are rarely taught in Japanese-as-a-foreign- language courses). : youtube.com/watch?v=GVTrteqg_e4 –  Tokyo Nagoya Jan 14 at 22:02
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@rintaun and I determined that this quote is from the finale of a drama called お天気お姉さん, around 8 minutes 26 seconds in. We both listened to it and heard the /g/, though I'd describe it as "swallowed", while rintaun described it as "slightly elided, but it's there".

We both thought it sounded like the velar nasal allophone of /g/ which is pronounced [ŋ], very much like the <ng> sound in English sing. What might make it hard to catch is that unlike the other Japanese pronunciation of /g/, this one doesn't actually stop the airflow, it just makes it go briefly through the nose.

The nasal /g/ appears more often in Eastern dialects, not Western. The actor who plays 天川 is named 北村 有起哉 (きたむら ゆきや) and according to his official website is from Tokyo, so it makes sense that he'd have that pronunciation of /g/.

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Thank you so much! I had read about that allophone usage at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_phonology#Weakening But I couldn't really grasp what they were talking about without an example, which happily I now have. Also, I'm impressed you were able to hunt down the show like that(and went to the trouble to do so! Thanks again!) –  Val Jan 13 at 14:35
Where did you find the audio? Could you provide a clip? –  dainichi Jan 14 at 6:00
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