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So, I was watching an anime, whereupon I found the following text (cf. screencap):


This text appears in the context of the character 夜ト trying to find work. I'm having difficulty figuring out what 春夏冬 means. If you just glue the on readings for those three characters together, you get しゅんかとう, which only seems to appear as the name of various establishments. I also found that this can apparently be read in a punny way as あきない (since 春夏冬 is all the seasons but 秋).

I'm guessing that the correct reading of 春夏冬 in this context is あきない since しゅんかとう doesn't fit. But what does that actually mean? I doubt it's 秋がない / 秋ではない / "not autumn", given that that doesn't make sense in context.

This term doesn't seem to appear in any of the standard online dictionary searches (kotobank, goo.ne.jp, weblio, nor even in zokugo-dict), so I'm kind of at a loss here.

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You should try searching for 春夏冬中. –  Zhen Lin Jan 7 at 9:32
@ZhenLin Ah. That explains it. 春夏冬中 → あきない中 → 商い中 = "doing business". Thanks! –  senshin Jan 7 at 9:49

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The following answer is based on information taken from an earlier answer written by Tokyo Nagoya, which has been deleted by the author.

As you point out, 春夏秋冬{じゅんかしゅうとう} is a reference to the four seasons, and in the case of 春夏冬中, 秋 has cleverly been left off (and a 中 added). Your intuition about the あきない part meaning that there is no autumn is correct. When you add the 中{ちゅう} at the end you get あきないちゅう, which is a homophone of 商い中. This is synonymous with 営業中{えいぎょうちゅう}, or "in business"/"open." It's a kanji pun saying that his business is open.

So we go 秋がない→秋ない→あきない→商{あきな}い+中

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@snailplane So, plagiarism is legal here? –  非回答者 Feb 13 at 3:25
@TokyoNagoya As the bottom of the page says, everything on SE is licensed under Creative Commons with attribution required. That means people can base answers on information from other people, but they must give credit. Plagiarism is not okay. –  snailboat Feb 13 at 4:12

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