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I need help with a very easy sentence that for some reason I just can't seem to get right. I hate when this happens.

I'll be visiting Osaka next week and I can't think of a natural sounding way to tell a friend "By the way, I'll be in Osaka next week for a few days so let's go grab a drink or something."


I know this would get the meaning across but I need to know what's the most normal/natural sounding way to say it. I've known this person for quite some time now so feel free to use conversational Japanese.

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I believe it would be more correct to say 飲みにでも[行かない]{LLLH}?.

  1. にでも sounds more natural/correct to me than でもに for reasons I can't explain.
  2. Since the whole clause is new information to your friend, you need the "suggestiveness" of the いかない・いきませんか instead of the more "decisive" 行こう.
  3. よかったら sounds a little too stiff for a close friend. I'd go with something like ひまなら or 時間あったら.
  4. I think the 数日間 is unnecessary.
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