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I've seen both こんばんわ and こんばんは used; which is correct here? If we interpret the は as the topic particle, は would seem correct, but it seems that わ is used quite frequently anyway...

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こんばんは is correct, according to that page in Japanese.

My gut feeling is the same - 今晩は -> こんばんは.

That said, a cursory Google of こんばんは yielded 13M hits, whereas こんばんわ yielded 26M.

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こんばんは is correct. The former is mostly a stylistic/emphatic usage.

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こんばんわ is cuter. こんにちは is more correct/formal/proper.

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こんばんは (今晩は) is the one in the dictionary for "Good evening!". I think that こんばんわ has a cuter feeling, maybe a little softer. It's a total guess, but it might be related to the feminine わ at the end of sentences. Actually, this page seems to be saying it's related to 和 (わ - peace) which gives it a nicer feeling.

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