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I'm having some trouble to find the meaning of this word. I already saw this 2 times in a game and I can't find the meaning in any dictionary that I use.



京介: ブチブチと文句を言ってくる…んだけど、あれ?なんだか言葉の切れ味が鈍いような…




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From context (such as ブチブチと文句を言って), it looks like ブチブチ has the same meaning as ブツブツ, which is onomatopoeia that corresponds fairly well to grumble, grumble, as when dissatisfied or complaining. See sense five for ブツブツ in the Progressive J-E for examples, or look up ブツブツ in your favorite dictionary.

I also found Google results with ブツブツ and ブチブチ together, which seems to confirm that they're variations on the same thing.

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Here's a little more discussion in chat with comments by Chocolate, and some more comments by marasai. – snailplane Aug 11 '13 at 23:25

I don't think that ブチブチ is a variation on ブツブツ, but rather a softening of プチプチ. プチプチ is a crackling noise. Softening it to ブチブチ suggests a more annoying, thick type of complaint in this case, which may contain more information/emotion than one would like. A complaint that is プチプチ could be ignored as background noise, but a ブチブチ complaint suggests that the person is laying it on thick and is truly annoying. Of course, describing a complaint with ブチブチ is derogatory in the sense that speech is described as an annoying sound, rather than words.

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