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I recently read a quote from architect Sverre Fehn that stated:

"Japan has a word for finding the pleasantest point in an interior..."

I was wondering if anyone might know what this word is.

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This is a great question. Just like visiting the place you read about in a travel journal, statements about foreign languages always sound so fascinating right up to the point when you actually understand the language. – Earthliŋ Jul 12 '13 at 19:14
mmm... It's difficult. '味がある' comes to my mind. that is 慣用句. – flied onion Jul 13 '13 at 13:17

Best I can come up with is... 趣きがある (おもむきがある) Omomuki literally translates to 'Charming' on the internet. But that is too frank. It more means 'classy'. If you are talking about a room, it means the place in the room that gives it it's charm.

For example: このはしらはおもむきがある - this means 'this beam is charming' literally. But it means that the beam has a charming age that gives the room a good feeling.

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