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What does "Sore ni taru 'kekka' nano desu" mean? It takes place here in Fairy Tail manga => http://online.mangaraw.net/Weekly-Shonen-Magazine-Vol-04-05-231-7911.html

And also, "samazamana omoi to omowaku ga rasen ga gotoku , iri midareru!!" sentence mean? Again a page from Fairy Tail manga => http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/4180/235vs.jpg

I'm confused about these two, I hope anyone can help me, yoroshiku onegaishimasu :)

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Welcome to JLU! Straight translation questions are generally frowned upon (which is probably why you got a downvote). Please tell us which part of these sentences you have trouble with and which part you understand (and the meaning you get from it). –  Earthliŋ May 20 '13 at 13:25

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1) (~~に)たる is [足]{た}る/[足]{た}りる, meaning [十分]{じゅうぶん}な, "to be enough" >>> 足りるgoo辞書 #3
(足る sounds more literary than 足りる.)

2) (~~が)ごとく(=如く) means (~~の)ように, "(just) like~~">>>如くgoo辞書 
[螺旋]{らせん}が[如]{ごと}く can be rephrased as [螺旋]{らせん}のように.
(如く sounds archaic.)




それに[足]{た}る結果なのです。-- It is that special.

I think the translation is alright; it's saying "It's special enough for that -- It's special enough to make me trust *that person*, special enough to affect the fate of this country".

●In this sentence, the subject is left out; "an unbelievable outcome" ie. "the results of Daimatou-Enbu which *that person* has predicted".
●それ(≠It) refers to あの[方]{かた}を[信]{しん}じる=for me to trust *that person*, and [国]{くに}の[未来]{みらい}を[動]{うご}かす=decide the fate of this country.
●[足]{た}る means "to be enough", so it's saying "The outcome / The results of Daimatou-Enbu that *that person* has predicted would be special enough to make me believe in him and entrust him with the fate of this country", ie. "The outcome is so unlikely to happen that I would have to trust *that person* and entrust him with the fate of this country if his prediction should come true."


Various thoughts and expectations are jumbled together like a spiral

I think it's alright, I'm not sure it's the best translation though... because I don't really understand the nuance of "jumbled together" (Sorry T_T). I think the 入り乱れる here is like [絡]{から}み[合]{あ}う, "to get involved / intertwined" >> 絡み合うweblio
●I think the word [思惑]{おもわく} is used negatively, like... "ulterior motive" Weblio

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"Sore ni taru" is confusing beacuse all are in written in hiragana. And here in English translation (tenmanga.com/chapter/FairyTail312/306726-22.html) "It is that special it says" but wouldn't be saying "Sonna tokubetsu na kekka nano desu" if it were saying "It is that special"? ***What I get it from "SORE NI TARU KEKKA NANO DESU" is "It is such a outcame which is inclined enough to effect". Is it proper? –  skip-beat May 20 '13 at 14:24
AND the other sentence. Various thoughts and expectations ga rasen ga gotoku, to be jumbled together!! ***Does it mean "Various thoughts and expectations are jumbled together like a spiral/circle"? –  skip-beat May 20 '13 at 14:25
Sorry I cannot read kanji withough its furigana T^T I could understand you answer well T.T –  skip-beat May 20 '13 at 15:35
@skip-beat Ahh I'll rewrite it later... sorry I'm sooo lazy I just write everything in Japanese –  user1016 May 20 '13 at 18:14
Thanks and sumanu for troubling you ^^' –  skip-beat May 20 '13 at 18:16

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